In the sacrament of Confirmation the gift of the Holy Spirit first given in Baptism is sealed and we are strengthened by this gift to take a full part in the mission of the Church.

Confirmation can only be celebrated once. Someone who is baptised as an adult (usually at the Easter Vigil) will be confirmed moments later. An adult who is baptised in another Christian community and wishes to become a Catholic will be confirmed when they are received into the Church.

For those who are baptised as young children Confirmation is celebrated normally as a teenager. Sometimes a baptised Catholic misses out on this important sacrament, and it is never too late to be Confirmed – please speak to the parish priest if this applies to you.

Our Confirmation programme for teenagers usually runs from the autumn, leading up to a celebration of confirmation at Pentecost. Every third year, however, the Bishop of the diocese visits the parish and celebrates confirmation as part of this visit; this can happen at any point in the year.

The Confirmation programme requires a significant commitment to attending the sessions, participating in Mass each week and to other elements such as a day of service and a day of prayer. Details of the programme will be announced in the newsletter before it is due to start. In this parish we invite young people to begin the confirmation programme when they are in year 10 at school.



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