Becoming a Catholic

The Catholic Church is not an exclusive club. We welcome all people to join in our worship and share in the life of our community.

Whatever may have drawn you to our parish and piqued your curiosity, you may at some point find yourself wanting to take things further, and explore the possibility of actually becoming a Catholic. Though many Catholics were brought up in the faith from childhood, there are many who have come to the church via another route. This includes people who were brought up in other Christian communities, or other faiths, or none.

He is 'the Way, the Truth and the Life'

Your journey to Catholicism may have involved exploring a range of options. Ultimately – we believe – God has made us for himself, and only God can satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts. We also believe that God has shown himself to us, and brought us to a new relationship with him, through the Son of God who became one of us, Jesus Christ, and who formed his followers into a Church, to continue his mission in the world in every generation. Our faith makes certain claims that can be considered exclusive; we believe them to be true, for all people and all time. We also consider freedom to be an essential part of our human dignity: we pass on what we have received, but will not compel or coerce anyone to respond. The decision to become a Catholic as an adult must be a free choice.

The first step to becoming a Catholic is to spend some time worshipping with us.

Then, when you feel ready, you might join the group of enquirers beginning a journey towards membership of the church, which formally begins in the autumn with a view to possible reception into the Church at Easter. Each year a new course will be advertised in the newsletter, but if you let us know you are interested we can tell you when it will be starting.

Becoming a Catholic


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