We are made in the image and likeness of the God who is love. We are called to be 'perfect as your heavenly father is perfect' and to 'love one another as Christ has loved us'.

We know that we are far from perfect, but we also know that we are called to be saints, to be holy like God, to be the men and women he has made us to be. If it seems impossible to us, we should remember that nothing is impossible to God. By God’s grace he renews and heals and restores that image of love and holiness which belongs to our human dignity.

God’s will is for our everlasting happiness. Paradoxically, we become more fully alive and happy in the measure that we live for others rather than ourselves. That is the meaning and essence of love. Whenever we choose our way rather than God’s; whenever we choose to serve ourselves rather than God our neighbour; we diminish ourselves and fall short of who we are made to be.

We call this sin. Sometimes it is serious, sometimes it is more ordinary and ‘low level’. All sin, however, obscures that divine image, just as even a small smudge on a window makes the glass less clear, and over time this will add up to make it more difficult for light to shine through.


The good news is that not only has Christ set us free from sin by his dying and rising, but he has also given the priests of his church the authority to pronounce forgiveness of sins in his name to those individuals to come seeking a new start and the help of God’s grace to grow in holiness and love. We call this the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or Penance, or Confession.

The priest is normally available to hear confession during the Holy Hour on Wednesday lunchtimes or Saturday evening, when he will be waiting in the confessional, or feel free to approach him at other times such as after Mass, or call at the Presbytery.

Going to confession can be rather daunting especially if it has been a while. The priest will help you, not judge you, and you can be certain that whatever you say is kept entirely secret and confidential, never to be divulged under any circumstances.

Children will be prepared for First Reconciliation as part of their journey towards First Holy Communion. This begins in the autumn, and takes up the first half of the programme. The course, for those in year 3 or above, will be advertised in the newsletter.



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