Celebrating Service in our Parish

During the months of June and July we are holding a series of Masses and social gatherings to celebrate different areas of service and ministry in our parish community. Although the coordinators of each ministry have been asked to pass on invitations these are not exclusive events, and are open to all who wish to come and show their support, encouragement and appreciation for these ministries. This is also a chance for all of us to think about what we can offer our parish community. Each week, I will include a reflection on the particular theme in that week’s newsletter. A huge thank you to all who do so much for our community, often unseen. Remember you do it for the Lord, and whatever we do out of love is pleasing to him!


13th June: Those who make the church a place of welcome

Welcomers, repository, cleaners, flower arrangers, those involved in maintenance of buildings and grounds and parish finance

* * *

20th June: Those who help us encounter Christ in Word and Sacrament

Proclaimers of the Word and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

* * *

27th June: Those who help form the young

Baptism, Children’s Liturgy, First Holy Communion and Confirmation Catechists, and the staff and governors of our schools

* * *

4th July: Those engaged in outreach, fellowship and hospitality

SVP, Foodbank helpers, CWL, Catenians, KSC, St Joseph’s Catholic Club, Mothers Prayers, the Prayer Group,
Canterbury Walk, and the Knitting & Craft Group

* * *

11th July: Those who enrich our liturgy for the glory of God

Servers, musicians, and those who clean the albs and altar linens

* * *

Thursday Evenings in June and July – Mass at 7.30pm followed by a get-together in the Club.

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