After Mission Week: What next?

Hopefully the Mission Week will give us a bit of a spiritual ‘high’, and will also challenge us in some way. It is important that we don’t just stop and return to normal life as if nothing had happened. Wherever you are in your faith journey, whether a lifelong Catholic or someone who has found themselves, perhaps unexpectedly, starting to think about ‘religious’ questions, there is room for us to grow and deepen our understanding of the faith and its implication for our lives.

There are two follow-up events planned for this autumn.

The first is an introduction to a new course ‘Our Catholic Faith‘, designed for everyone and anyone, those just starting to explore Catholic Christianity, those who feel ready to join the church, and those who want to explore their faith more deeply. The course will run all the way to Easter, but this first evening is open to all with no commitment to carrying on, a taster and an opportunity to ask questions. This will take place on Thursday 19th October. There will be a presentation in Church from 7.45pm-9pm, followed by an opportunity to meet with others in the Social Centre.  If you can’t do Thursdays (as the course will continue on Thursdays after half-term) but want to be part of this then please speak to Fr Matthew or get in touch by email.

The second is a Parish Forum, an open meeting for all connected with our parish on Sunday 5th November in Church from 4pm-6pm. Again, there will be an opportunity to meet other people afterwards in the Social Centre. This will be a time of prayer and discussion, thinking about how we build on the mission week as a parish community. If you can’t make this, but have ideas  or feedback you wish to share, please get in touch. We hope to be joined by one or two of the Sion mission team.

All are welcome to both events, and just to be clear, you don’t have to have come to any of the mission. Maybe you couldn’t make any of the mission week events; maybe at the time you didn’t think it was for you, and are now beginning to regret that. There are some things you can watch online such as Fr Simon’s homily, and presentations on scripture and the eucharist. And there are plenty of parishioners who will happily talk to you about their experience of the week, perhaps in the social time after these events.

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